Bugojno, Foča and Konjic: Memorial Placed to Victims of War Crimes

KonjicActivists of the initiative ‘Jer me se tiče’ (Because I care) set up memorial plaques on Friday night to the victims of war crimes in Bugojno, Foča and Konjic. The memorials were placed in a synchronized action, with the participation of young people from all over B&H, and the mentioned cities were chosen in order to draw public attention to the rights of victims of war to the marking of the suffering.

‘’By placing the memorial plaque, we want to pay sincere tribute to all victims of war crimes, and to once again remind that the denial of crimes in B&H is unacceptable. On all levels of government in B&H, the systematic denial of crimes against ‘Others’ is underway. The rights of victims is denied, the facts of the crimes is not spoken about, if ‘our’ nation committed the crime, and victims of their own national group are politicized and used as currency to offset ruling parties. The setting up of this memorial is a reminder to all nationalist elites that their efforts to euthanize the awareness of citizens, and especially the youth, and the creation of collective amnesia will not pass, and that there are enough of us who will remember, recollect and require only legally justified and humane approach to the rights of victims, and the protection of their dignity and of their families. Today in Bugojno, Konjic and Foča, and tomorrow in all of B&H’’, announced the Initiative “Jer me se tiče”.

Judicial authorities carry out the prosecution of perpetrators of crimes and this process has to be carried out smoothly. However, this does not mean that it can allow a violation of victims’ right to dignity, symbolic and material damages, as well as their undisputed right to the truth and recognition of that truth in society.

The initiative said that the development of the memorial, as well as all previous activities, are funded by voluntary contributions of individuals from all nations, religions, social classes and backgrounds. “Jer me se tiče” is a grassroots initiative that is not funded by donors or any other interest groups, and there is no steady source of income except for voluntary national contributions.

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