British Authorities warned RS President Milorad Dodik

British authorities warned the nationalist Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik of “inventing fake threats” from London as part of his campaign ahead of the October elections.

Dodik, President of Republika Srpska – state formations on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and accuses Britain of sending intelligence to Bosnia with the intention of interfering in the election campaign.

In a statement, the British Embassy in Sarajevo said that very disappointing fact that the President Milorad Dodik has repeatedly chosen Britain as a threat to Republika Srpska.

Thus, inventing fake threats can be a good way to gain electoral points, but it can cause damage long-term relations with the British side, writes Reuters.

The charges against Dodik of Britain began last month after the defense Agency of Britain announced it will send about 40 troops in the peacekeeping unit of the EU in Bosnia.

In June, the new York times, citing documents of the defense Ministry, said that the British soldiers will be deployed to prevent Russia’s intervention in the elections in Bosnia.

Then Dodecenal that this act borders on invasion of the country. 40 British experts, dressed in military uniform arrive in Bosnia, and their task is to listen, monitor and generate information for media.

The British Embassy rejected accusations that Dodik “ridiculous conspiracy theories” and said that the UK will continue to provide troops to maintain the mission of the EU.

(Source: sivtelegram)

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