Brcko-Banovici: The First Railway Road built by Children

Brcko BanoviciThe idea to build a railway road that would connect rich mineral deposits of coal from Banovici basin with the main roads in country, i.e. with large consumer centers in all parts of the country, existed even before the outbreak of World War II.

Therefore, when war horrors stopped, the construction of the railway road Brcko-Banovici was among the first investment project of the former Yugoslavia.

Length of this railway road located in north Bosnia is 92 kilometers. It has been created as a result of the first youth drive in Yugoslavia. According to the available data, more than 62.000 youth from the entire Yugoslavia and more than 1.000 brigadiers from abroad participated in its construction.

In the middle of March 1946. Construction department of the former Ministry of Transport received an order for preparatory works. Study on the construction was finished in less than a month. On 1st April, preparations have started, and that date is taken as the starting date of youth work actions on the construction of this railway road. Works have been completed in a record time, and the first train passed through this railway road on 7th November of that year.

Nobel Prize Winner, Miroslav Krleza, said that this is not the first railway road in the world, but is the first one built by children.

(Source: nap.ba)

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