The bravest Bosnians climbed 98 metres high frozen Waterfall

skakavac winterWaterfall Skakavac is known as a favorite spot for vacations in Sarajevo.

There are not many people who decide to visit Skakavac during these cold days and very low temperatures. Only for the bravest ones snow and minuses are not a problem.

Very low temperatures and winter conditions represented a truly interesting alpine enterprise for Janez Skok, Ines Bozic and Edin Zuhric.

Namely, two Slovenian climbers Janez Skok and Ines Bozic, accompanied by Edin Zuhrić from Sarajevo managed to climb the frozen Skakavac waterfall, which was 98 meters high today.

This information, along with a picture on his Facebook profile shared legendary BH climber Muhamed Gafić.

The author of several great books wrote that the climbing lasted for four and a half hours.

(Source: faktor)

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