Boy from Sarajevo donated his long Hair to Children suffering from Cancer

“Lun is a typical boy who would like to play all the time, who throws a tantrum if we ban him a cell phone or television, who would rather dig the field than do his homework, but he is also a boy who never stops surprising us with his unusual ideas like this one. We are so proud of him, and such things remind us that as much as we, as his parents, are his teachers, we can learn so much from him.”

This is how Sanin begins a story about the unusual decision of his son Lun. This eight-year-old boy from Sarajevo decided to donate his long hair to children suffering from cancer. The “before and after” photos were posted on Facebook and they thrilled many people.

“Lun had a long blonde hair since his birth and he used it for all eight years as his own trademark. He always refused to cut it. The idea of donating his hair appeared a couple of months ago when we presented this idea to him and explained what would be done with his hair. He said that it is a very good idea. A few days ago, he decided that it was the right time to do it and we made an appointment for haircut in the hairdressing salon EN with Edo Nuhic, which is part of this project of the association Heart for children suffering from cancer. We should also note that Edo is cutting hair of his hair-donating customers for free and that they can donate the money that they were planning to spend on a hairstyle to the association Pomozi.ba. Lun does not like taking photos, but this time he agreed to do it and publish it with the aim to motivate others to do it as well,” said Sanin.

Lun, who now has a new hairstyle, would like other children to follow his example:

“I wanted to have my long hair, but when I heard that some children do not have hair at all, I decided to give them mine. When my mom asked me if I feel bad because of the hair, I said that I feel bad for the children. Sometimes it still seems to me that I have a long hair and when I touch my head I get a bit confused but I am very happy and I wish all children to get well soon,” said Lun.

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