Bosnian won a Gold Medal at Paris Innovation Salon “Concours Lépine

Ivan Milicevic from BiH received a gold medal for the “painless injection” on the 117th Paris Innovation Salon “Concours Lépine”.

The injection is considered as painlessness because the patient does not feel the pain during the penetration of the needle, as well as the “blue fear” from which are suffering “both children and adults”, which is the fear of seeing a needle. You cannot feel the pain because this injection first ensures anaesthesia (within 10 seconds) and then, without removing the injection from the skin, the needle does its job.

Sasenko Sadikovic from Ljubuski is the winner of a silver medal for his invention of a fence that prevents strong winds from stopping traffic and damaging vehicles on bridges and viaducts. The fence resembles on a box in the length of a bridge that has openings for wind on its upper part, which are directed into the space beneath the bridge. Sadikovic also received a bronze medal for the “chain” on the motor saws for wood.

Another inventor from Posusje, Branko Milicevic, won a bronze medal for his invention of a support for arm pit, which would be used on all types of chairs, both movable and those installed in vehicles. In this way, the spine is released from a great part of weight that mostly burdens the lower spine discs of people who are sitting for a longer period of time.

The fifth award of a total of seven of them was also received by an innovator from the Canton of West Herzegovina, Zoran Kutle from Siroki Brijeg. He received the Medal of the Association of French Innovators and Fabricants (AIFF), which is organizing the exhibition Concours Lépine since its establishment back in 1901.

Prof. Dr. Fikret Alic from Tuzla received a bronze medal for his invention of a nano-feromagnetic fluid filter, which is aimed at removing pollutants and micro-particles from various sources, especially motor vehicles. Moreover, Josip Gujic from Visoko received the AIFF medal for limiter for shelves that easily moves left-to-right and thus keeps books in the vertical position.

The Association of French Innovators and Fabricants received the status of Associations of Public Interest back in 2012, as well as the award of the Academy of Moral and Political Science, as announced by the Association of Innovators of BiH.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)


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