Bosnian Woman in the Finals for Miss Australia

esmavoloder_4A Bosnian woman named Esma Voloder (21) is among the finalists this year of the Australian selection for Miss World. She left with her parents in 1992 as a five month old baby to Australia, and now she is preparing for the final selection that will take place from 17-20 July in Melbourne.

“This competition allows young women to have a positive role at an international level and to make changes in the name of humanity for those who need it. Reappearance in this contest fills me with genuine gratitude and happiness, because I feel that my duty to be included in this organization is dedicated to helping people’’, said Voloder.

In addition to her parents, Esma finds a role model in Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie for her humanitarian work. Compassion, health and human rights are the three areas that she will focus on in the competition.

“My thoughts and my heart are dedicated to winning the title, the fight against lack of sympathy among people and involvement in the initiative for equality, health and prosperity in the world. I am convinced that I can represent Miss Australia in the best way in the Miss World competition, because I have been preparing for this my entire life’’, said Voloder, who won the Miss Teen Australia title five years ago.

This student of Psychology, whose father is from Sarajevo and mother from Gračanica, grew up in Australia, but she says her heart belongs to BiH.

She represented BiH at the show “World Supermodel” in Taiwan, and in 2011 she was among the 10 best in the selection for Miss Australia. At that competition, she won the title Best Beach/Beauty Body.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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