Bosnian Tea Draganovic in Race for Title of Miss USA

The title of the most beautiful girl of the US State of Idaho belongs to 21-year-old Tea Draganovic, whose parents are originally from Donja Ljubija near Prijedor.

She won at the Pageant for Miss Idaho 2018 and she will represent this federal state in the selection for the most beautiful girl of the United States (USA).

“We are more than happy to see the success of our daughter, we could not imagine that something like this could happen, but it happened. We are so proud of her, because she is a wonderful person, both in her relationship with the family and others,” said her parents.

Her hobby and great love is folklore, and she has been engaged in it since she was 5 years old. Currently, she is working as a coach of folklore section of BH citizens who live and work in Boise.

Tea said that she never forgot her roots and that she comes to her homeland with her parents every other year, where they spend a few weeks.

“I am proud of the region and culture I belong to, and I especially appreciate learning about the traditions and customs of other peoples,” said Draganovic.

You can vote for Tea on this LINK.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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