“Bosnian Summer School” shows Children need better Connection between Diaspora and Homeland

Bosnian Summer School klix.baWith official gathering of attendees of the “Bosnian Summer School”, which gathered children from the diaspora and our country for the first time this year, the ten-day-long socializing titled “Travel and meet your homeland” ended.

The school gathered children from diaspora and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main goal of the socializing was for the children to learn something more about the country they come from or where their parents come from through visiting different locations.

Organizer of the first “Bosnian Summer School” was the Foundation “Source of Hope”, in cooperation with the Riyasat of the Islamic Community in BiH, the Department for Foreign Affairs and Diaspora.

On behalf of the organizer, activist of the Foundation “Source of Hope” Tarik Agetović addressed the gathered parents, emphasizing the importance of gathering and organizing projects such as “Bosnian Summer School”.

“It is very important for our children to meet and socialize. It is on us to invest some efforts and facilitate that for them. One of the resources they have at their disposal is the Student Home ‘Source of Hope’, where children spent some time,” Agetović said.

Muhamed Jugo, representative of the Department for Foreign Affairs and Diaspora in the Riyasat of the Islamic Community of BiH, pointed out that jemaats in the diaspora are an important link with the core and that better relations between diaspora and homeland must be nourished and established.

Parents expressed gratitude for the care of children and activities that the Foundation has been implementing in cooperation with the Riyasat of the Islamic Community in BiH.

“Our children must learn more about the culture and tradition of our country. It is important that people in diaspora learn in time about these projects that are fantastic,” the parents said, praising the coordinators of the “Bosnian Summer School” Faruk Ćidić, Hasib Gabeljić and Eldin Nišić.

(Source: klix.ba)

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