Bosnian Jusuf collects well-preserved Furniture and distributes to People in Need


In Gracanica, a large-scale action called “In Silk and Kadifa” is underway, launched by the well-known humanist, 26-year-old Jusuf Ljevsic Juka.

“Two friends and I go from house to house, so we collect well-preserved furniture and immediately distribute it to poor fellow citizens. We were very emotional when we found a new bed for baby and took it to a baby who was 20 days old and had no place to sleep,” Ljevsic said.

Humanity is his life. He will talk about helping others soon and in his monodrama in front of the audience in Gracanica.

He was employed in Sweden for six months, but decided to return to BiH because he is a great patriot, Avaz news portal reports.

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