Bosnian Innovators won One Silver and Two Bronze Medals in Nuremberg


Zehrudin Osmanovic, a professor at the Faculty of Technology in Tuzla, won the gold medal at “71st International Exhibition of Ideas, Innovations and New Products, iENA” in Nuremberg for the innovation “Removal of coke oven gas from coke oven batteries”.

The Association of Innovators of BiH points out that the quality of innovation is best illustrated by the fact that it was awarded gold medals at all three previously held exhibitions – in Istanbul, Skopje and Zagreb.

Bosnian innovator, Faik Berberovic, received silver medal for “Pyramid Carbon Dust Carburetor”, the so-called a diffuser that, as a catalyst, accelerates the combustion of coal in thermal power plants.

The bronze medal was given to Nadja Zubcevic, Master of Biological Sciences, for “Antibacterial Board for the Toilet Mug”. It is a folding board that destroys 99.8 percent of the bacteria on toilet.

Bronze was also awarded to Sasenko Sadikovic, from Ljubuski for the “Hand Bag Filling Machine”, which enables quick bag filling with loose materials such as sand, gravel, grains and the like.

Special acknowledgment was given to Borko Babalj of Trebinje by the Moroccan Society of Innovators for “Gluten-Free Fruit Blend”. Moroccans pointed out that there was a great need for a means of preventing gluten in their country.

The exhibition featured around 800 innovations from 40 countries.

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