Bosnian Gisele shared some great News with her Fans

Ivana Milicevic from Sarajevo, who made an extremely successful acting career in the US over the past years, published some great news on her Instagram account, which made her fans very happy.

Milicevic, also known as “Bosnian Gisele Bundchen”due to a great resemblance to the famous model, announced that she is pregnant and expecting a baby boy, and her due date is April 30.

Ivana Milicevic left BiH with her family as a little girl and went to Michigan. After she finished her high school, she decided to move to Los Angeles and work on her acting career.

The young actress achieved remarkable roles in James Bond’s movie “Casino Royale”, in which she worked with Daniel Craig, and in the movie “Love Actually”, as well as soap operas “Charmed”, “Buffy”…

(Source: faktor.ba)




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