Bosnian Gastro Fest to take place soon in Bobovac

If you are a fan of Bosnian cuisine and drinks and want to enjoy their taste in a way they were traditionally prepared and served throughout our history, you should definitely visit the Bosnian gastro fest.

Gastro fest will be held in the hills of central Bosnia, in the town of Bobovac, the place where the king of Bosnia ruled, and all of the visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy in the rich offer of traditional dishes and drinks that will be served on traditional Bosnian tables and carpets.

“If you think that you know the recipe for the best hurmasice (traditional Bosnian dessert), you can make them and participate in the competition for the best hurmasice dessert, and the special jury will award the winners with valuable prizes,” as announced by the organizers of the Gastro fest.

You can also take part in the old sports games, where you can have a lot of fun and show your competitive spirit.

Organizers of this great event are the Association “Guardians of Bosnian Crown Bobovac” in cooperation with the Association “Progressive Development of Organizations and Individuals – PROI”, the Gastro-Cultural Agency Balkantina and the Association for the Development of Rural Tourism – Alterural.

Traditional dishes and drinks will be prepared by the Association of Women Budozelje, Stupni do, the Association of Women for the Development of Rural Tourism Zvijezda Vares, BKZ Preporod Vares, Women of the Mountain Ecological Society “Romanija” Istocno Sarajevo and the association of women of Stric and Zarudje, Izvorno Varesko, Pogar, Przici and the association ” Guardians of Bosnian Crown Bobovac”.

Bosnian Gastro Fest will take place on June 23, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Bobovac.

For more information, you can visit their official Facebook page.







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