Bosnian Emir Hastor run Half-Marathon on his Balcony


Due to the new situation in the midst of the global pandemic of the coronavirus, many athletes and runners are forced to perform sporting activities inside their homes or yards, N1 news portal reports.

One of them is an experienced marathon runner from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Emir Hastor, who ran a half marathon (21.1 kilometers) on the terrace in order not to risk too much risk.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency (AA), he said that due to new circumstances of coronavirus outbread, he decided to continue his training in this way in order to be fit and ready to meet the upcoming races. “Due to the fact that I have been training for many years, but also because of the current situation and limited movement both in the whole world and in my city of Gorazde, I decided to find an alternative to continue my training, that is 7.5 meters long terrace. Anything can be done, “Hastor said.




He emphasized that it is very important to follow the advices and recommendations of the competent coronaviruses in order to overcome the pandemic together as soon as possible. “It was tiring, but there are many good workouts that can be done at home, but still consider if they want to run a half marathon on the balcony. Stay home,” said this marathon runner.



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