Bosnian Carpet as a Ceiling in Mikser House in Sarajevo

At the end of the process of arrangement and decoration of Mikser House in Sarajevo, which will officially open its doors today, setting up of “Bosnian Flying Carpet” by the company Zanat from Konjic, took place yesterday.

“Adem and Orhan Niksic from Konjic originate from a family that is traditionally a guardian of wooden crafts. They recognized the moment in which the interest in crafts was almost dead and they made a decision to preserve that craft and convey it to new generations in an innovative way and place it not only on our market but literally in the entire world,” said Maja Lalic, creative director of Mikser House.

“We did not only get a beautiful carpet but a fantastic space for taking selfies as well. Moreover, Zanat from Konjic helped us to equip part of our space. Mikser House is equipped with the furniture from the Gazzde Company from Sarajevo, who also achieved a success through a philosophy that something worldwide can be made from something local,” she said.

Pixelated Bosnian traditional carpet, among other things, is a proof that the old crafts, which are an important part of our tradition, can be modernized and used in completely new and modern ways.

This carpet also represents a monument of the friendship of Mikser House and Zanat whose friendship started at the Mikser Festival back in 2011.

Aware of values of traditional crafts, the Mikser House recognizes the visionary companies in the area “from Vardar to Triglav” area through the project “Young Balkan Designers”.

“I can proudly say that there is more and more of them, and BiH has the largest number of producers. They are using natural, authentic materials that are available to us, local talents, and skills such as woodcarving, and they bring all of that to a new and higher level of quality, education and a completely modern design,” said Maja.

(Source: El. B./Klix.ba)


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