Bosnian Artist asks to go to Prison because she cannot survive from Handicrafts


Jelena Cvjetkovic from Fojnica has many hobbies, she is a nurse physiotherapist by profession, lives in Fojnica with her aunt Kata.  After the last war, they both lived in Bakovici and 7 kilometers from the city, due to the high humidity in the house, they were forced to leave the house and move to Fojnica.

She is outraged because no one wanted to help her “as if she was not a human being.” Jelena is knitting, collecting medicinal herbs, making souvenirs, flower arrangements for various occasions, and making delicious cakes.

“I’m a freelance artist, painting is my great love. Most of all I do oil paintings, acrylic paintings are landscapes and a bit of expression, that’s when life puts a little pressure on you. I have had a few exhibitions, some awards. All praise work and hobbies but no one buys anything. One of my works, a decorative wreath for the door, was the only one I sold to a guest from Split, who is on holiday and rehab in our town,” complains Jelena Cvjetkovic. She asked for help from hundreds of people, but no one had helped.

“I got asthma because of the moisture. I was lying in a pulmonary department in Travnik, and I asked the police lawyer to go to jail. I heard that there is a women’s prison in Tuzla, and this is how my prison is with a sick aunt. She needs to buy her medication, eat, repay the apartment next to our empty house, I don’t sleep at night for that. I do these hobbies, there is nothing to it, some materials are given to me by my painters, but it is difficult to live,” says Cvjetkovic for Avaz news portal.



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