Bosniaks Are Still Waiting for Questionnaires

RS stanovnistvoThe story of lack of census materials in the RS, missing only for Bosniaks, is still ongoing. According to the Agency for Statistics of B&H, there is a sufficient number of census forms and there are no problems in regard to that. On the other hand, Bosniaks from RS are intensively reporting that for days they have been waiting to be registered.

4.600.000 P1 forms are printed and the estimation is that in B&H lives between 3.5- 3.8 million residents, meaning that 20 percent more of census forms are printed. All the Questionnaire were printed and distributed on time to the municipal and city Census Commission and to the Entity Departments, was stated from the Agency.

They also explained that the printing and distribution of census forms is performed on the basis of distribution lists submitted by the Entity for Statistics.

Mirsada Adembegović from Agency for Statistics said that the municipal, city and entity commissions are in charge to solve the specific cases and problems. They have the concrete cases and are required to comply with the law on responding to every reported problem, emphasized Adembegović.

The Director of the RS Institute of Statistics Radnila Čičković pointed out that currently there are no questionnaires available and they will try to solve this problem by redistributing the questionnaires among enumerators. It is possible to print more questionnaires but this process will slow down the census in general, which is concerning.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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