Bosniak Deputies to start the Initiative for a Referendum on the Separation of Srebrenica from RS?

SrebrenicaRegarding the decision of the National Assembly of RS to call a referendum and the decision of the Constitutional Court of RS not to protect the vital interest of Bosniaks in RS, discussion about the decision on the Assembly of the Municipality of Srebrenica to call a referendum for the Srebrenica area to be separated from RS will be opened, as confirmed by the representative in the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, Sadik Ahmetovic.

“We are aware that a referendum is not the solution in this situation, but the city where was committed genocide for which there are verdicts by the International Court of Justice has no alternative, since the OHR will not stop a direct violation of the Dayton Agreement of the National Assembly of the RS and all political actors in the RS,” said Ahmetovic.

He added that it is the violation of the decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH to put the Constitutional Court at the service of one nation and one party and the entire attitude towards Bosniaks regarding all life issues.

“From the prosecution, then not allowing Bosniak children to study their mother tongue, to direct threats of the President of RS that Bosniaks must go to referendum if they want to live in the RS… Our decision to call a referendum on the area of Srebrenica is the result of relations between the authorities in Banja Luka towards the state and Bosniaks in RS and the passivity of the OHR in terms of anti-Dayton activities of the Government of RS and Milorad Dodik,” said Ahmetovic.

To recall, the Council for Protection of Vital National Interest of the Constitutional Court of the RS decided that the vital national interests of the Bosniak people in regard with the decision to call a referendum on the Day of the RS in the smaller BH entity, were not jeopardized.

This means that nothing prevents the authorities in the RS to publish their decision to call a referendum in the Official Gazette of RS, which would put it into effect.

The decision to call on the referendum came after the Constitutional Court of BiH, in response to the appeal of member of the Presidency of BiH Bakir Izetbegovic, decided that marking of the 9th of January as the Day of RS is not in accordance with the state constitution.

(Source: Er. M./Klix.ba)

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