Bosnia wants new Package with International Monetary Fund


Chairman of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltija met with resident representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in BiH Andrew Jewell in Sarajevo.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers informed the Resident Representative of the IMF that the newly formed Council of Ministers is committed to continuing the implementation of socio-economic measures that will contribute to fiscal stability and improve Bosnian economic environment of BiH.

During the meeting, the interlocutors assessed that it is necessary to adopt as soon as possible the budget of Bosnia’s institutions for this year in order to continue the existing, but also open the way to a new arrangement with this international financial organization.

On this occasion, Chairman Tegeltija stressed that it is good for Bosnia to have an arrangement with the IMF, since the presence of this international financial organization gives security to other financial institutions and organizations, as well as to future investors, in the fiscal stability of the country.

The interlocutors assessed that the cooperation between the Council of Ministers and the IMF has been correct so far, and expressed confidence that it will continue in the future.


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