Bosnia International Forum to connect Bosnia-Herzegovina and Diaspora


Bosnia International Forum is a project that fully embraces the relationship between the diaspora and the home country through a registrar and service that will be available to the diaspora for all their needs and interests, from information to services.

“The service covers the entire country, and today, a network has been officially established through the non-governmental sector and local communities and thus defined ways of communication and relations through service in the service of citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina living outside the country, “the statement said.

The registrar and the service will officially start operating on February 2nd and before presenting the project in Salzburg and Graz on 31 January and 1 February. The project will then be presented over the summer and in more than 20 European cities.

A network of more than 20 agencies, organizations from the Non-Governmental Sector, twelve partner local communities and two cantons has finally established a registry and service that fully covers the relationship between the Diaspora and BiH in all sectors and segments of society, academic, educational, scientific, economic and others.

“The next step is to present the project across Europe and the world and work together on the Vision BiH 2030 project, and it will be about seeing the state and position of BiH over the next 10 years, ”said Emina Bulbul-Kahriman, Project Manager.


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