Bosnia and Herzegovina is no Longer on the Black List of Switzerland

From now on, only those countries that have more coronavirus infections than Switzerland will be on the Swiss blacklist of countries. This means that Bosnia and Herzegovina is no longer on this list and that it is possible to enter Switzerland from our country without going into isolation, Dnevni Avaz writes.

Currently, this country has 763 coronavirus infections per 100,000 inhabitants, and without mandatory isolation from tomorrow can enter anyone coming from countries where the number of infected is higher by a maximum of 60 infected per 100,000 inhabitants compared to Switzerland.

Given that 763 infected per 100,000 inhabitants is a really high number, only four countries are on the black list – Belgium, the Czech Republic, Andorra and Armenia.

The number of active cases per 100,000 inhabitants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to official data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, is 481, which is significantly less than the maximum allowed for quarantine-free entry into Switzerland. Until now, quarantine for 10 days has been mandatory for those coming from BiH upon entering this country.

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