Bosnia and Herzegovina Armed Forces team won First Place at Best Warrior Competition 2020 in USA


Organized by the Maryland National Guard (MDNG) from March 12th to March 15th, the Best Warrior Competition 2020 was held in Maryland (United States of America).

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Armed Forces team won first place in all international level categories. The competition was implemented under the Army-to-Army Cooperation Program with the assistance of the Office of Defense Co-operation (ODC) of the US Embassy in Sarajevo.

Best Warrior Competition strengthens relations and builds multinational cohesion and interoperability of partner countries. The elements and scenario of the competition are designed to portray real-life situations that soldiers may encounter in performing actual operations. One of the main elements of the competition is the consistency of the unknown, so participants could not know what awaited them after completing the task.

The Armed Forces of BiH team won first place in all categories of international level, and an enviable silver medal in the overall standings.

During the closing ceremony, Brigadier General Janeen L. Birckhead congratulated all participants on their outstanding results and unselfish contribution.

Special thanks were given to the participants from the AFBiH and Estonia for giving the competition an international character.

Members of the AFBiH have once again shown a very high level of motivation, professionalism, fighting spirit, and at all times have worthily represented the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The team that represented the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina were: Lieutenant Anes Halilovic, Sergeant Matija Ivakovic, Corporal Senad Sarajkic, and Team Leader Senior Sergeant First Class Goran Antunovic.


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