Bordo Team Left for Slovenia

FK-SarajevoSarajevo football players led by a professional staff left for Slovenia yesterday, where they will continue preparations for the upcoming European appearances and the beginning of a new season in the national championship.

After the published roll calls on 10 June, the team trained in Sarajevo two times a day. This morning at 8:00, Bordo team left for Slovenia, where they will immediately upon arrival in the afternoon continue training. As announced earlier, several preliminary matches are planned, and the first control match will take place against Maribor, while three days later they will play against FK Rostov.

In Slovenia on 25 June one more control match will be held against one of Iran’s first leagues. Return to Sarajevo is scheduled for 25 June, a day after the draw for the first qualifying round pairs for the European league.

It is worth mentioning that four junior players have found a seat on the bus for Slovenia: Goalman Hujić, Defender Varatanović, Midfielder Čulov and Striker Plakalo, announced the Football Club Sarajevo.

The list of players for preparations in Slovenia are: Bandović, Abdihodžić, Hujić, Radulović, Tatomirović, Dupovac, Tadejević, Hrelja, Varatanović, Haurdić, Todorović, Suljić, Osmanagić, Dzakmić, Radovac, Handžić, Šunjevarić, Cimirot, Čulov, Huseinbašić, Melunović, Aganspahić, Plakalo.


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