Bogdan was born in Sarajevo and lost both Parents and Brother very early

In today’s world in which we are living, unfortunately, there are just a few examples that restore our faith in humanity. One of those comes from the heart of Sarajevo- Bascarsija.

E.E, a man who lives in Sarajevo and wanted to stay anonymous on this occasion took care of long- term homeless giving him shelter in a small apartment where he installed heating, fitted bathroom as well as all the necessary household appliances.

“Every day I bring him lunch, fruits and cigarettes. His name is Bogdan and he is lives on Bascarsija for years. Some people give him one or two BAM, and he has been sleeping on the benches for years during the summer as well as during the winter. Now he cannot express his satisfaction with his new apartment“ said for reader who told us for this story.

A life connected to Bascarsija

Bogdan was born in Sarajevo and he lost both parents very early. For a certain period he lived with his brother Jovan in a center, but after his brother passed away he remained alone. As young he has been working in shops and bakeries on Bascarsija, and has been doing physical jobs, spending time mostly on Bascarsija to which he is very attached.

Social service took care of him, and done as much as they could, however, he says, it was not enough to accommodate him in some shelter remote from the city knowing that he attached his life to Bascarsija and those people.

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