Why there was a Boat on the Middle of the Street in Sarajevo?

boatCitizens of Sarajevo are famous for their humor, even in the most difficult times, and this is what happened yesterday after a strong storm hit the capital city of BiH.

During a strong storm and rain floods that hit the city, someone has decided to let the rubber boat on the streets of Sarajevo.

Photograph of this unusual scene went all over the social networks, with the comment: “Rafting through Alipasino Polje”.

To recall, yesterday in the capital of BiH was recorded great storm accompanied by strong wind, rainfall and hail, which caused the suspension of tram traffic.

A strong storm caused the power failure in most parts of Sarajevo, and the largest storm was recorded in the city center.

Tram traffic was suspended due to security reasons. In some parts of the city the traffic was conducted with difficulty due to water on the streets, which resulted from the inability of sewage drains to receive all the rain.

In two parts of the city, in Buca Potok and Osijek, two cars got trapped in the flood under the underpass, due to the accumulation of large amounts of water.

(Source: klix.ba)

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