Blitz Cinestar to open Cinemas in Sarajevo and Banja Luka?

cinestarConstruction of Bingo City Centre in Tuzla is entering its final phase. It is a modern building with the area of 40.000 square meters on three floors, which is built with the latest building materials, and which will include a CineStar multiplex cinema with five halls.

Ivan Giljanovic, manager of project development in Blitz Cinestar Ltd Croatia, said that when it comes to technical equipping, these will be ultimate cinema halls. ” Visitors will experience the pure adrenaline and a whole new dimension of film experience. We have a special silver gigantic canvas which gives crystal clear image, precise and powerful sound with over 20 kW of sound power, ” he stated.

They are planning to expand in the upcoming period and open CineStar multiplexes in other BH cities as well. According to him, they are thinking about Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

” Complex projects like Cinestar cinema are rare in our market, and that is why technical support provided by Renan Sehovic, sales representative and technical support of company Rigips BiH, was necessary and very important, ” said director of DG Decor MB Tuzla, Mersudin Burekovic, the contractor of cinema.

Director of Fenix AS Ltd. Srebrenik, Amir Smajic, one of the contractors on the cinema, said that all companies that are participating in this project have extensive experience in complex projects so that cooperation and communication are going perfectly.

(Source: sa-c.net)


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