BKC: Interesting July Repertoire for all Tastes

gluhi_disko_bkcInteresting events from different areas of artistic creativity and the area of culture will be offered to citizens this month at the Bosnian Cultural Center (BKC) in Sarajevo.

The new Director of BKC Marijo Pejić confirmed to Fena that of the six different events, the first this month will be Silent Disco, a party where people dance along to music on wireless headphones. Silent Disco will be held on 5 July.

On 7 July, there will be a concert by ‘Leb I Sol’ from Macedonia, led by excellent musician and author Vlatko Stefenovski.

On 8 July, there will be a performance of ‘Ja, Mahalac” by Indira Kučuk-Sorguč, with BiH actors Dragan Marinković Maca and with a piano accompaniment by Negra Čičić.

On the same day, there will be an exhibition of paintings by Mirjana Kaurin from BiH, while on 9 July there will be a presentation of books “Unspoken Genocide” by Author Šemsa Tucaković. The book will be presented on the occasion of the 18th commemoration of the genocide in Srebrenica, and there will be addresses by Ismet Dizdarević, Irena Praskač-Salčin and Marijo Pejić.

This month’s offer at the BKC will include a concert by Miroslav Tadić on 21 July. He is from Tuzla and has been living in the US since 1979.

“Tadić is one of the most original guitarists in the world. He is involved in a number of musical styles, such as jazz, rock, blues, world music and classical music. He cooperated with a large number of musicians from the entire world’’, said Marijo Pejić.

BKC will be the friend of the Sarajevo Film Festival this year, and also this time the festival organizing team will be located right in this cultural center.


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