Bjelasnica Mountain: Ski Lifts are not Working


In the midst of the winter season, Public Enterprise ZOI’84 posted a notice on Saturday on its official Facebook page stating that the Bjelasnica ski lift will not operate until further notice, news portal reports.

They state that there are technical problems. “Some lifts have technical problems with the power supply, which is really more and more problematic considering that we’ve done over a dozen technical inspections and tests. Everything was fine, suddenly it happens today that the K1 and BX lifts are not working,” director Kenan Magoda stated.

He points out how strange it is for this to happen at the middle of the season, when all the lifts have been properly passed the technical inspection.

“We will have an extraordinary meeting tonight, where I will ask the executives responsible for an explanation. This is not unusual every year but I want to solve this problem as soon as possible,” Magoda stated. Magoda added that it is difficult to predict when the problem would be completely eliminated.

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