Bijela Vlaka Tunnel Pierced on the Subsection Zvirovići-Kravice

tunel bijela vlakaBijela Vlaka tunnel, 400 m long is pierced on the subsection Zvirovići – Kravice. Local companies have worked to pierce this tunnel.

Public Company Autoceste FB&H pointed out that this is a gift for B&H citizens on the Statehood day of B&H.

“We shall persist in our work and the completion of the tunnel Bijela Vlaka is an indication that we are successfully achieving the targets set”, stated the Director of the company Autoceste FB&H Ensad Karić.

The subsection Zvirovići-Kravice is the southern section of Corridor Vc, from Počitelj to Bijača, within which the international boarder Bijača is built. It is five kilometers long and two bridges (Studenčica and Trebižat), and viaduct Pavlović are being built along with the tunnel Bijela Vlaka.

The subsection Zvirovići – Kravice will be completed and opened by the middle of next year.

(Source: Public company Autoceste FB&H)

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