Bijedic: Motorway Sarajevo-Belgrade must pass through Canton Tuzla

motorwayRepresentative of SDP BiH in the Parliament of FBiH and former Minister of Transport and Communications in the Government of FBiH, Enver Bijedic, stated that the motorway Sarajevo-Belgrade must go through Canton Tuzla.

BiH and Serbia should agree on the route of the motorway that will connect Sarajevo and Belgrade. The key issue of construction of this highway is the route that will pass through BiH.

“When it comes to the construction of the motorway Sarajevo – Belgrade, there is no doubt, this motorway has to pass through Canton Tuzla and it is unthinkable that such an important infrastructural project does not go through the most populous region in BiH,” said Bijedic.

He added that the passage of this motorway through Canton Tuzla, the airport at Dubrave, which is breaking records and a great expansion year after year, would get even closer to centers such as Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, and Budapest.

“We should not forget that Hungarians expressed great interest in the construction of a cargo center at the Tuzla Airport,” said the former Minister of Transport and Communications of the FBiH. The construction of the motorway Sarajevo – Belgrade will cost about 800 million EUR, and according to announcements, the investor will be from Turkey,” said Bijedic.

According to him, Serbian officials are lobbying for this route to go through Visegrad, in order for two-thirds of the highway to go through Serbia and the last third, which is passing through BiH, to completely pass through the smaller BH entity.

“We in the SDP will do our best in order for citizens of northeast BiH and Canton Tuzla to finally get what they deserve, and that is the modern road communication with Sarajevo and Belgrade. This will finally solve the traffic blockade in Tuzla,” said Bijedic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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