BiH’s Service for Foreigners’ Affairs identified Five Migrants linked to Terrorism

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Sevice for Foreigner Affairs identified six migrants from Afghanistan in the first two months of this year in the Bihac and Sarajevo areas and put them under the supervision of the Immigration Service Center in East Sarajevo.

Of these, five migrants are linked to international terrorism, while the sixth migrant is linked to smuggling migrants and organized crime.

In the statement from the Service, they point out that the inspectors for the foreigners of that person were located on the basis of undertaking the intensified measures and activities of profiling security-interested persons among the migrants, and through cooperation and exchange of information with the domestic and international partners, primarily through the exchange of biometric data.

Namely, G.R.Z. (34), N.S.S. (30), K.Q. (23) and F.A.A. (25), which pose a threat to BiH’s public order and security as well as Z.U. (22), S.A. (24), for which the Service currently, in cooperation with partner agencies and countries of origin, carries out the process of affirming identity as well as establishing all the other facts necessary for their departure from the territory of BiH, based on the previously imposed expulsion measures, was stated in the statement.

BiH’s Service for Foreigner’s Affairs stated that their priority will be to continue locating and processing migrants linked to terrorism or organized crime, which will make a significant contribution to the security of the country and its citizens.

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