BiH wins Armenia 2-1 in UEFA European Championship 2020 Qualifiers

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) national football team won Armenia 2-1 here on Saturday evening for UEFA European Championship 2020 Qualifiers.

At full Grbavica Stadium in BiH capital Sarajevo, both teams played evenly in the first thirty minutes of the match, after which Rade Krunic from the host team scores in 33rdminute.

Five minutes to the end of the half, host team continued to control the match, after which Eldar Civic from the host team gets yellow card for fouling Henrikh Mkhitaryan from visiting team.

The second half saw visiting team attempting three times to score a goal, but all three times goalkeeper Ibrahim Sehic from the host team blocks. In 65thminute, Goran Zakaric from the host team exits and Deni Milosevic enters. In 78thminute, the host team attempts three times to score a goal in only ten seconds, but misses all three times.

Two minutes later, Deni Milosevic scores for the host team.

In the 93rdminute, after ball hit Deni Milosevic’s hand from the host team, Henrikh Mkhitaryan from the visiting team scores after getting penalty.

BiH national football team is on the third place with three points, while Italy and Greece are on the first and second place, respectively.

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