BiH to get Modern Facility for Cryptocurrencies?

One of the most modern facilities for the so-called “mining” or the production of cryptocurrencies should start operating in BiH very soon.

This facility will belong to the Italian company “Bitminer Factory”, which is considered as the largest company of this kind in Italy, and it will be located in Nova Topola, the Municipality of Gradiska. This company already considers itself as “the largest operator of farms (for cryptocurrencies) in Italy and BiH”.

They described BiH as a friendly Balkan country that is developing very fast, and has a currency linked to EUR and cheap electricity.

The maximum amount that this company is planning to collect from the investor is 100 million USD, and they collected two million USD in the first couple of days.

The Bitminer Factory is specific because it combines the production of energy from renewable sources with the process of mining of digital currencies.

“We are already using our funds for development of our first mobile unit for mining MMU-P14 in BiH, with our local partner in Nova Topola. We have access to the existing electricity infrastructure that is already in use, which will speed up the connection of electricity grid of our facility and ensure very low price of electricity (0.066 € / kWh),” as noted from this company.

Moreover, according to some unofficial information, other companies that are dealing with this business are already transferring their capacities to BiH, or they are planning to do it soon, and the main reason for that is very simple: the possibility of purchase of electricity at much lower prices in comparison to more developed countries.


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