This is BiH: Take a Look at the Small Paradise in Krajina

1000_1493199664bosanska_otoka4Beach Mlincici in Bosanska Otoka is a unique place for vacation and recreation that is located on a river island. This little place is delighting visitors for decades, and if you have not had the opportunity to visit it, be sure to do it soon.

This is a private property owned by one family, but visitors can stay on the island to camp, barbecue and similar with certain rules of behavior.

Una River in this part is extremely clean, so if you are passing by or visiting Krajina and Bosanska Otoka in the summer days, be sure to visit this place. We hope that you are a good swimmer in the wild river waters. Otherwise, stick to the shallow areas. But whatever you choose, we are sure that you will enjoy.

Mlincici are just one of the river islands in Bosanska Otoka, there are almost 30 of them, large and small ones.


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