Great Marking of the BiH Statehood Day to take Place on Bobovac

Numerous cultural and non-governmental organizations will mark the BiH Statehood Day on Bobovac, a medieval town near Vares and Kraljeva Sutjeska, which played a key role in the history of the medieval Bosnian Kingdom.

“With gathering tomorrow, we will try to get people together with each other respecting their tradition that dates from the Middle Ages to the present day,” said Adil Kulenovic, the President of the Independent Intellectuals Association Circle 99, which is one from the organizer of the marking.

The upcoming public gathering on Bobovc on the occasion of marking the Statehood Day of BiH, already establishing a tradition of authentic national sensibility towards the Bosnian state, was stated from the Organizing Committee.

The organizers of the gathering on Bobovac are BZK “Revolution”, Croatian People’s Council, La Benevolence, Circle 99, MDD Merhamet, Serbian Civic Council-Movement for Equality, Council of Bosniak Intellectuals.


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