BiH, Serbia, Montenegro signed Agreement on Determination of Tripoint Area

The protocol on the determination of the so-called tripoint — also known as tri-border area — between Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Serbia and Montenegro was signed here on Wednesday.

After the signing ceremony, Adil Osmanovic, minister of civil affairs of BiH, underlined the importance of determining the tripoint in accordance with the rules and principles of international law.

Osmanovic said that the determination of the three countries’ borders through bilateral and multilateral negotiations will enhance regional cooperation and mutual respect.
He said that the signatory states showed their readiness to resolve the open border-related issues and that the Protocol on the Determination of the Border Point between the three countries contributes to the strengthening of friendly relations.

“By signing the protocol, the countries sent a message that they can resolve border issues through negotiations,” commented Dragan Pejanovic, state secretary at Montenegro’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.

He noted that the European Commission expects all open bilateral issues in the Western Balkans to be resolved before the countries’ accession to the European Union.

The protocol will contribute to the stabilization and improvement of good-neighborly relations, and will strengthen respect for territorial integrity, sovereignty and the progress of the region as a whole, he added.

Veljko Odalovic, secretary general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, noted that regional cooperation and solving open issues were his country’s priorities, Xinhua reports.

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