BiH is preparing answers on the Questionnaire of the European Commission for Integration

EUToday in Sarajevo was held the first in a series of conferences of the Directorate for European Integrations of the Council of Ministers of BiH, in which representatives of the institutions of our country had the opportunity to hear more information about the Questionnaire of the European Commission.

Around 250 representatives of BH institutions had the opportunity to hear the most important information on what our country is expecting in the process of integration, that is, about the upcoming task of preparing answers on the questionnaire of the European Commission.

Representatives of the Directorate for European Integration reminded on the materials and tools that have been created as part of the methodological preparation that the Directorate performed in order for the institutions to successfully overcome the process of answering a questionnaire and in order for the process to be “painless”.

“Specificities of this job will be a large number of questions, a large number of participants in the preparation of responses and short deadlines, but BH institutions have experience in the implementation of these tasks,” said at the conference Darija Ramljak, Assistant Director of the Directorate for European Integrations.

Jan Snaidauf, Head of the Political and Economic Section of the Delegation of the EU in BiH, talked about the importance of providing high-quality responses to the questionnaire to the participants, and Vladimir Medjak, legal adviser to the negotiating team of the Government of Serbia talked about experience of Serbia. The questionnaire is the most important, but not the only source of information that will serve to the European Commission during the preparation of opinions on the request of BiH for EU membership, while replying to the questionnaire will be an opportunity for BiH to demonstrate its capacity, not only for this but also for the following tasks in the process.

Directorate will organize conferences on the questionnaire during this month in Mostar, Banja Luka and Brcko, and detailed information regarding the questionnaire is available on the website Upitnik.



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