BiH is not a Threat, but a Solution for Deradicalization of Europe

goran-kovacevicFrom the aspect of security, BiH is not a threat to Croatia or any other country and base my claims on my analyses on security studies; stated a professor at the Faculty of Criminal Studies in Sarajevo Goran Kovačević.

In fact, according to Dr. Kovačević Croatia poses a danger for BiH because there are elements which point to aggressive elements of Croatian policy which can be interpreted as risks for the safety of BiH.

“BiH is not an ISIL base nor a Russian enclave for activities against the EU,” said Dr. Kovačević.

“Hiding behind the EU as a curtain, Croatia strives to achieve some other goals. It is certain that Prlić and others will be convicted for criminal venture during the war in BiH, where the top of the state of Croatia together with officials of HZ HB is brought into connection with the planning of war in BiH,” Kovačević claims.

Kovačević also said that Radovan Karadžić grounded his defense on fighting against the Islamic radicalism and “now we are listening to the same things from the Croatian president, who says that Bosniaks are radicalizing to such an extent that they are becoming a base of ISIL and that Croatia must act as a moral vertical”.

Kovačević thinks that Bosniaks in BiH almost do not exist as a political subject. He says that there is no response from Bosniaks to the diplomatic pressure from Croatia.

“It does not suit Croatia to have a country in the EU with a population comprised of the Muslim majority and with 600-year-long Islam tradition. That country is the solution to the problems that EU has with immigrants who are mostly Muslims,” said Dr. Kovačević.

(Source: nap.ba)

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