BiH is the second in the World in terms of the Number of Deaths from Coronavirus!

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is ranked inglorious second in the world, according to Worldometers data, when it comes to the number of deaths from corona per 1.000.000 inhabitants. Only Hungary is ahead of our country.

Since the declaration of the pandemic in the world until today, 9.150 deceased persons have been registered in BiH, for who was previously confirmed they had the presence of coronavirus.

From February last year until now, a total of 203.391 infected persons have been registered. It should be noted that only persons who died in hospitals are kept in the statistics.

According to statistics from Our World in Data, which follows data from John Hopkins University, our country currently has 5.53 deaths per million inhabitants, and during the corona wave in March this year, we recorded as many as 23.64 deaths per million people.

The mortality rate in relation to the number of infected persons in BiH is the highest in the entity of Republika Srpska (RS). Out of 63.774 cases, 3.558 people died, while in the Federation of BiH (FBiH), 5.201 patients died out of 121.438 confirmed coronavirus infections. In Brcko District, 315 people out of 5.748 infected died.

Regarding the inglorious Worldometers list, Hungary ranks first with 29.560 deaths out of 802.346 confirmed cases. After BiH, in third place, is the Czech Republic (1.658.092 confirmed cases and 30.028 deaths).

They are followed by Gibraltar, San Marino, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Slovakia, Belgium, Brazil, Slovenia, Italy, Peru, Croatia, Poland, Great Britain, the United States, Mexico…

Fortunately, the epidemiological situation in BiH has been brought under control, and the authorities are appealing to all citizens to adhere to the established measures, even though many of them have been mitigated.

Nice weather and small numbers of infected people should not deceive anyone since the danger of a new wave is certainly lurking around the corner. We saw that best during November last year and in March this year.

It is important to mention that the authorities in BiH have not yet managed to provide a sufficient number of vaccines to start mass immunization of the population, Klix.ba writes.


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