BiH is an Interesting Case on the Map of World Languages?

map-of-languagesCitizens of 55 countries use English as a second official language other than their mother tongue, according to a map that is showing the individual countries and the second language of use.

Portal Konbini.com says that BiH is an interesting case when it comes to this map, since the English language is not on the second place according to use.

“Because of the unique historical circumstances, BiH actually has three official languages, which are basically very similar. 52.9 % of the population speak Bosnian language, 30.8 % speak Serbian, and 14.8 % of citizens speak Croatian language,” as written by this portal.

It is interesting that this map shows that the Croatian language is the second language of use in BiH. In Croatia, on the second place is Serbian, and Hungarian language in Serbia.

Portal Konbini.com states that the great linguistic diversity is present in Central and South America, as well as in areas of the Sahara in Africa.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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