BiH got new 7.2 Kilometers of Highway: Buna-Pocitelj Subsection completed

The asphalted works on the subsection Buna-Pocitelj have been finished, which means that Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) got a new 7.2 kilometers of highway on Corridor 5C, as was confirmed from the Public Utility (P.U.) Autoceste of Federation of BiH (FBiH).

Boze Talic, the representative of the investors, told that the asphalt works were completed on Wednesday, after which there were small jobs related to the installation of equipment, but this section of the highway was successfully finished.

“The asphalted works have been completely completed, but of course there will be no official opening now because the section cannot be used until the subsection Pocitelj-Zvirovici is completed,” said Talic. He emphasized that the new 7.2 kilometers of highway will be secured and protected by then.

This subsection is positioned between the subsection tunnel Kvanj-Buna on the north and subsection Pocitelj-Zvirovici on the south side.

The route starts about four kilometers south of the village of Hodbine and does not cross more densely populated areas, but passes over the Neretva canyon near several populated places and ends directly in front of the Pocitelj loop.

Since it was passing by the settlements of Stanojevici and Kevcici, the route cut off the road communication, which is why the Grabovina and Kevcici overpasses were built, while an underpass of the same name was built on the part of the route near Bivolje Brdo. Of the other facilities on this route, there are two passages for animals, as well as a two-sided rest area Rotimski potok.

The contract that Hering signed in May 2018 with P.U. Autoceste FBiH is worth 25.7 million euros. The funds were provided through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the construction was supervised by Aecom S.L.U. from Spain.

Even though this subsection has been completed, 7.2 kilometers of highway will be operational after the construction of the colossal bridge Pocitelj, where works, as well as on the entire subsection Pocitelj-Zvirovici, 11.75 kilometers long, are in full swing and should be completed by the end of next year.

With the construction of these sections, BiH will get a new 18 kilometers of highway on Corridor 5C, which will be linked to the European road network, writes.


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