BiH to finally take Advantage of the Economic Potential and Knowledge of BH Diaspora

meeting-diasporaThe policy on diaspora of BiH, which should soon come before the Council of Ministers of BiH, should launch standstill activities to strengthen relationships and cooperation between BiH and its diaspora.

“We recognized the potential of our diaspora. If the politics gets adopted, it will give the first results very quickly. We will act in diaspora not only through association, but also by lobbying for our economy. Our human capital is huge outside BiH and it should be used,” said Tugomir Čuljak.

At least 1.75 million people who were born in BiH are now living in the diaspora, and if you count the second and third generation then this number exceeds 2 million. Diaspora sends two to three billion BAM only through the accounts annually in BiH. These are the only official data from the banks, which do not involve huge amounts of money that our diaspora directly brings to the country.

Among the concrete projects that could boost economic cooperation between BiH and the diaspora is establishment BH economic alliance, which would most probably have its headquarters in Frankfurt, one of the headquarters of the German economy as well as BH diaspora. About 6,000 employees in BiH are already working in German companies, and the potential for cooperation with this country is huge.

With the help of HGS, this year was organized “Economic Day of BiH” in Frankfurt, which was a form of pilot action and now we should try to build BH economic alliance step by step that would, among other things, lobby the economic interests of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Germany that are associated with BiH.

“At the moment, it is most important to be devoted to the form, to establish a structure, and then gradually improve it and to put the emphasis on content. For now it is necessary to establish a place recognizable for its works of BiH and which will eventually become the reference partner of the German Chamber of Commerce and institutions, which they will contact for the information. Then we come to the fact that the content can offer or require. All of this takes time, but if we constantly work on it, success will come for sure,” said Bagaric.

Although there are no statistical indicators, Bagaric said that concrete projects and ten-year results of HGS certainly helped to create and strengthen economic relations between Croatia and German, especially Croatian diaspora in that European country.

BiH will try to take advantage of this kind of opportunity and the impetus for the creation of BH economic alliance, as associations whose backbone would make successful people from all three nations who are working in Germany. Culjak announced that one of the first projects of the alliance will be the organization of micro fair of BH companies “BiH2World”. There would participate BH institutions of the host country that are responsible for the promotion of BH economy and progress with other countries. This includes employees of diplomatic missions of BiH, and German economic and legal advisers.


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