BiH Citizens can enter the Countries of EU under three Conditions

The Council of the European Union (EU) decided on Thursday that the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) can enter the territory of the EU without restrictions, if they are vaccinated, have proof that they had coronavirus or a negative PCR test.

This was confirmed by the advisor to the director of the Border Police of BiH, Svevlad Hoffman.

“To enter the EU, it is needed to have a negative PCR test or rapid antigen test (BAT) for coronavirus, and the BAT test must be from the Common List of Rapid Antigen Tests Mutually Recognized by the EU Member States, that are published by the European Commission. For the BAT test result that was made abroad, it must be shown the test manufacturer and/or the commercial name of the test. The PCR test result must not be older than 72 hours and the BAT test 48 hours from the moment of testing to the arrival at the border crossing,” told Hoffman.

If you have been vaccinated, Hoffman added, you need to show confirmation of receiving two doses of vaccines used in the EU, if 14 days have passed since you received the second dose or the first dose in case of immunization with a single dose vaccine.

“In case you have a certificate that shows you had coronavirus and received a single dose of vaccine within six months of the beginning of the disease, provided that vaccination was carried out in less than 180 days after arrival at the border crossing, you will be able to enter the EU. Also, you will be able to enter the EU if you have a positive PCR or rapid antigen test confirming that the owner has recovered from a coronavirus infection, with the test done 180 days back and older than 11 days from the time of arrival at the border crossing or with a medical certificate of illness, ” added Hoffman. 

As it was envisaged in the recommendation of the EU Council, this list will continue to be reviewed every two weeks and, if necessary, updated, Nezavisne writes.


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