BiH Basketball Players qualified for the Quarterfinals of U18 Eurobasket

u18-national-teamThe junior national basketball team of BiH qualified for the quarterfinals of the U18 Eurobasket in Samsun, Turkey against France, despite being defeated by Latvia in the last round of the Group C with a result of 74:65.

The BiH entered the match desperately. In the first six minutes of the match, the Latvians scored five three-pointers and went into lead with 21:6, and the first quarter ended with a result of 29:13. This result led Latvia and Lithuania straight to the quarterfinals, while the boys of Josip Pandža were sent to play-out for survival in the Division A.

However, in the second quarter the BiH team played much better. Especially good was Sani Čampara who scored eight out of twenty points, while the Latvians scored only 11 points, thus the player went to recess with a result of 40:33.

At the spot where Čampara stopped in the second quarter Džanan Musa continued in the third. The best BiH player, who was very bad in the first half time, played his game in the third quarter by scoring six points, and Čampara added seven.

The BiH team came into lead for the first time in the 25th minute (42:40), and after 30 minutes of game the result was 52:48 in favor of the BiH team.

In the last quarter, a major fall in the game of the BiH team happened again. Latvians took advantage of that and with a series of 9:0 shifted the results to 57:52 in their favor in the 34th minute of the match. However, the BiH team did not allow the Latvians to reach the desired plus 11, and despite the defeat they qualified for the quarterfinal duel against the national team of France.


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