BiH and Serbian Defense Ministers Podzic and Stefanovic on Military Exercise “Manjaca 2021”

As part of the official visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, the Minister of Defense of BiH Sifet Podžic met today with the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Serbia Nebojsa Stefanovic.

Topics discussed during the official meeting included bilateral defense co-operation, regional security challenges, and contributions to international peace and security. The current challenges of the two ministries of defense and cooperation in the coming period were also discussed.

In addition to expressing gratitude for the hospitality of Minister Stefanovic, Minister Podzic pointed out the successful bilateral defense cooperation, especially in the field of education of Armed Forces BiH personnel at the University of Defense in Belgrade, training in training centers of AF BiH and the Serbian Army and joint exercises.

They also discussed this year’s planned tactical exercise “Manjaca 2021”, which the Armed Forces of BiH and the Serbian Army will implement this year from October 9 to 16 at the military training ground in Manjaca, which is an indicator of developing good bilateral cooperation between the two ministries.

Regarding regional security challenges, the Minister emphasized the need to solve regional problems through mutual agreements and dialogue, which requires a greater need for stronger regional and broader cooperation initiatives because they have a positive impact on overall regional stability.

Speaking about the reform processes in BiH defense institutions, Minister Podzic presented the results and pointed out the challenges in the implementation of the adopted document “Defense Review”, the BiH BiH Modernization Plan, citing the complexity in achieving some strategic steps and institutional relations, Klix.ba writes.

Minister Stefanovic, among other things, expressed satisfaction with the joint work on improving military-military, military education and military health cooperation, as well as the fact that Minister Podzic will attend tomorrow’s ceremony to promote the youngest officers of the Serbian Army from Bosnia and Herzegovina, educated at the Military Academy.

He also expressed satisfaction with the realization of a joint exercise of the armies of the two countries on Manjaca.

During his visit to the Republic of Serbia, Minister Podzic also visited the University of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, where he met with cadets and participants in other trainings of the Armed Forces of BiH who are being trained at this institution.

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