BiH among the cheapest European Destinations

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe, which can be found via Airbnb, and the average price for the overnight stay for one person is 38 EUR.

According to Daily Mail, Macedonia is the cheapest with the price of 30 EUR, Albania 31 EUR, Moldova 32 EUR, Kosovo 32 EUR, Serbia 35 EUR, Poland 36 EUR, Kazakhstan 36 EUR and Belarus 36 EUR.

Iceland, Sweden, Andorra, Norway, Great Britain, Denmark, Cyprus, Finland, and Switzerland are the most expensive countries for overnight stays, and their prices are ranging from 81 EUR (Switzerland) to 129 EUR (Island).

The average price in Montenegro is 54 EUR, Slovenia 63 EUR, Croatia 49 EUR, BiH 38 EUR, and Serbia 35 EUR.

The Daily Mail reported that Poland (36 EUR), Germany and Portugal (52 EUR), and Croatia with 49 EUR are surprisingly cheap, considering their current popularity.

The average price for Sweden, which is at the top of the list, is 94 EUR, 91 EUR for Andora, 89 EUR for Norway and 86 EUR for the United Kingdom. Airbnb is cheaper and cheaper as you go south.

The capital cities like Amsterdam, Rome, Moscow, and Lisbon are much more expensive than other cities in their countries, while Ankara, Podgorica, Nicosia, and Helsinki are among the cheapest ones.

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