BHRT and Kronauer Consulting Realizing Project to Strengthen Capacity of State Institutions

bhrtRadio-television B&H and Kronauer Consulting from Sarajevo will jointly realize the multimedia project with the goal to strengthen the capacity of state institutions in B&H for their participation in dialogue with civil society and to encourage the process of a faster adoption of the law, announced BH Radio 1.

The progress of European integration is reflected in a number of adopted laws. While one law in adopted in B&H, five are adopted in Montenegro, and seven in Serbia and 12 in Croatia.

The result of the joint project will be debate shows that will be shown on BHRT on TV, radio, and webcast format will be available on the web portal of BHRT. The program will be available to public servers at the entity and local levels. The host will be Ermina Hrustemović.

The aim of the debate is to gather proposed laws in one place, those that support or challenge them, and civil society representatives, and to open a discussion on the process of European integration in the field of legislation.

This is the biggest integrated project by BHRT until now. The first integrated program of BHRT was realized by director Slaviša Mašić from studio 5 Radio B&H in 2010. This multimedia program is part of a project ‘Strengthening capacity of government institutions to participate in political dialogue with civil society’, financially supported by the EU through IPA pre-accession funds 2011, and implemented by the company Kronauer Consulting in consortium with Eptis.

The agreement on cooperation was signed by General Director of BHRT Muhamed Bakarević and Goran Žeravčić, Director of Kronauer Consulting.

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