B&H Presidency Chairman Željko Komšić Met with Ambassadors of Višegrad Group

komsic_visegradskaB&H Presidency Chairman Željko Komšić met with ambassadors of Višegrad Group, consisting of Ambassador of Hungary József Pandur, Ambassador of Slovakia Jan Pšenica, Ambassador of Czech Republic Tomáš Szunyog and Ambassador of Poland Andrzej Krawczyk.

Ambassadors expressed their support to the process of B&H European integration and they presented experiences of their countries in joining EU and NATO, as well as the social and economic benefits from this process.

Chairman Komšić thanked the ambassadors for the support and pointed to the example of Višegrad Group as a good example of regional cooperation. He expressed his expectations on solving the case Sejdić-Finci , which represents the equal rights to all citizens as one of the core values of the EU. The necessity of maintaining democratic mechanisms in B&H through free and democratic elections was highlighted.

(Source: Press Service of B&H Presidency)

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