B&H National Football Team Qualified for the World Cup in Brazil

bih u braziluThe football team of B&H at the last night’s match won against Lithuania and directly qualified for the World Cup in Brazil 2014.

This great generation of B&H players achieved a historic success by qualifying for a big football competition, and with this fulfilling the dreams of many fans that have followed the matches of this team from the first day of qualifications.

Although many had expected an easy match for players of the coach Safet Sušić, and even a win with three or more differences, the match in Kaunas has shown that there are no easy opponents. Lithuanians played with dedication and mostly defensive, occasionally trying to develop a counter-attack.

After Džeko’s maneuvering, Ibišević responded well in the 68th minute and as it turned out, it was the ultimate triumph of B&H.

The B&H team achieved ​​the biggest football victory in the history of the country.

(Source: Fena)

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