B&H Hosts the Sports Journalists from the Region

sportski_novinariThe association of the Sports Journalists of FB&H that operates within the Association of Journalists of B&H during this weekend (25-27 October) will organize a soccer tournament of journalists from South East Europe.

This is a traditional competition of journalists from the region, and thanks to the efforts of association of the sports journalists of FB&H our country got to host this event for the first time. So far, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Romania hosted this event.

“After a few decades, Journalists Association of B&H renewed the membership in the International Sports Press Association ( AIPS), which is a precondition for organization of such events. AIPS Europe has recognized our work, and as a reward they have trusted us the organization of the regional competition”, was announced from the Association of Sports Journalists of FB&H.

Call for participation in the tournament in Sarajevo received Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria and B&H. Team of B&H is composed of sports journalists from all parts of our country.

In addition to a soccer tournament matches, the sports journalists will have an educational section, meaning a seminar on the theme: Sports and sports professionals in the fight against hooliganism and violence in sports in B&H.


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